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1st Tittensor

In Tittensor covering the village of Tittensor and surrounding areas we have a Rainbows unit (ages 5-7) on Wednesdays, a Brownies unit (ages 7-10) on Thursdays and a Guide unit (ages 10-14) on Thursdays.

  Rainbows (ages 5-7) Contact: Jenny (01785) 615647
  Brownies (ages 7-10) Contact: Sally  (01785) 815895
  Guides (ages 10-14) Contact: Debbie (01782) 372844

1st Tittensor Rainbows

Pet Show

Party in the Park

Wide Games and Wacky Races

Talent Show

Adventure 100

Table Decorations for the A.G.M.

Rainbows Go Wild

1st Tittensor Brownies

Walked up to Tittensor Monument

Made Biscuits

Made Knitted Blanket for W.I.

Mother & Daughter Night

Decorations for Stone in Bloom Window Display (2nd Prize)

Night Walk

1st Tittensor Guides

Spooky Camp at Maer

Foot-Shaped Shortbread

International Evening Show for Parents