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5 Kididima


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SMILE 5 Kididima 

Kididima Village 

Our Latest Project 2018

We are returning to the village of Kididima.

The village is near to Mtwapa about 1/2 hour from Mombasa City and lies in farming country.  There are approximately 5000 people living in mud made homes.

When we first became aware of this village  the villagers had nothing, no water or electricity, just a school building which the rains were swiftly washing away, but they have hearts as big as mountains.

There are many children, many of which are orphaned and looked after by families in the village.  There is a school approximately 2 miles away which the older children can go to if they are able to pay a nominal fee, most cannot.  The women work small areas of land with children to give them a source of income.  They had to walk for approximately 2 hours to get water and had no resources for health care or other income.

The council had given them a small amount of money to build two classrooms in the village and this they had started.  The classrooms were built and the footings had been built for two more which was possible because they have sold two cows so that they can continue with the building.  This shows the determination of the people to help themselves.

The buildings are the most basic brick structures but a huge benefit to the people.  But they had no equipment beyond a piece of wood used as a blackboard.

The landowner has signed over an acre of land to the community so that a school was built to meet the needs and we could develop it further to give them a church/community room and a health centre.

These proud people do not want us to come in and take over their lives and order it, they simply want a helping hand to become self sufficient and to give the children a future.  Illness is rife because of the lack of water and hygiene and this has accounted for the deaths of parents who had HIV and Aids resulting in the number of orphans.  This will continue unless help is given.

We had sufficient funds and a donation to put water into the village in November 2009 and this has made a huge difference to their lives.  We have also completed the building which had been started.

We visited in November 2011 and held meetings with the landowner and his family, Headmaster, Village Chief and the Management Committee.  We worked with a solicitor to draw up the papers which handed over the acre of land to the community from the Landowner.  This led to the beginning of the 2012 Project SMILE ThREE.