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What does the Senior Section do?

  Senior Section are aged from fourteen to twenty-five.

At Senior Section we talk and talk, but we talk about stuff that matters and actually do something about it.  It is exciting with many challenges and opportunities. The Senior Section is divided into two groups, Young Leaders aged 14-18 and Rangers aged 14-25 they follow the Look Wider programme it motivates and encourages the girls to try out new things, such as running a marathon, camping in the wilds or volunteering overseas.  The programme is very flexible and the girls can choose themselves what they want to do and how far they wish to go.  They can choose to take a wide range of awards and qualifications such as Leadership qualification or the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme.  There is also the successful peer education scheme and many other international opportunities.

The Look Wider programme

Creativity   Fit for Life   Community Action   International   Out of Doors   Independent Living   Personal Values   Leadership

The programme is divided into eight octants.  They can be completed in any order are divided into three phases.

Phase 1: Gives you an opportunity to try three new activities.  They can be a new or an existing skill or hobby.

Phase 2: Allows you to take things further by doing an activity for a minimum of 12 hours.  It can be something you enjoyed in Phase 1 or something new.

Phase 3: Is a long term challenge that involves doing a new or familiar activity for a minimum of 30 hours, gaining a qualification in the activity, or teaching it to other people.


The Senior Section Promise:

   I promise that I will do my best:

   To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,

   To serve the Queen and my community,

   To help other people and

   To keep the Guide Law.