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What do Guides do?

  Guides are aged from ten to fourteen.

Guides is fab! Guides have fun, be themselves and get to hang out with their friends!  Guides take part in lots of indoor or outdoor activities that challenge them to do their best.  They do lots of cool stuff from camps, special events and holidays.  Guides can find themselves trying out recipes, first-aid or taking part in community action projects. Guides are a member of a 'Patrol' with four to eight girls and they elect their own Patrol Leader. Guides follow a 'Go for it' pack and with the help of the Guide leader plans and carries out their own activities.  Guides also have the opportunity to get interest badges, such as chocolate, survival, film lover and many more...

The Guide five programme zones

Healthy Lifestyles  Global Awareness  Discovery  Skills & Relationships  Celebrating Diversity

Healthy Lifestyles: To encourage a healthy lifestyle by promoting physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Global Awareness: To increase global awareness and the contribution everybody can make to the environment, citizenship, world issues etc.

Discovery: To challenge Guides with new experiences and adventure.

Skills & Relationships: To develop self-confidence and self-worth and to improve their interpersonal and life skills

Celebrating Diversity: To promote active citizenship in Guides and develop their awareness of rights and responsibilities for all.


The Guides Promise: 

   I promise that I will do my best:

   To be true to myself and develop my beliefs,

   To serve the Queen and my community,

   To help other people and

   To keep the Guide Law.