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Unity 2018

At the start of the holiday 2018, guide units from the division went to the internional camp, Unity 2018! Which was held at Abbotsholme school. Everyone that went had a brill time, and we would like to thank everyone that helped enable the division organise for the camp, helped move our equipment, and all that helped on the camp!

1st Aston and Little Stoke Brownies

What an adventure at 1st Aston and Little Stoke Brownies for the end of term, a visit to the farm where they helped milk the cows and hand feed the calves

Aston, Tittensor and Yarnfield Brownies

Brownies from Tittensor,Aston and Yarnfield had a fantastic time at West Midlands safari park! They had animal encounter,safari,sealin show and thrilling rides,what more could a girl ask for!

Tittensor Guides

Tittensor guides enjoyed their last meeting before the summer term ends. They decided to learn some archery add have a BBQ to end the night (The leaders also got to have a go but weren't as good as the guides).

1st Aston and Little Stoke Guides

Giant marshmallow smores last night around the campfire at 1st Aston and Little Stoke Guides #inmyelement #fire

Yarnfield Rainbows

Yarnfield Rainbows have said farewell to their Unit Helper Gwyn Crabtree, better known as “Badger” at a specially arranged Afternoon Tea Party. Barbara Ewart, on behalf of the Division, thanked Gwyn for her commitment and loyalty over the years and the Unit gave her gifts including a badger (which has been named Tommy Brock from Peter Rabbit) and a memory book full of photos, pictures and messages from Rainbows and leaders. Gwyn has been an asset to the Unit and she will be greatly missed as she goes into “retirement”, but we wish her well and say a huge THANK YOU for all she’s done.

1st Aston and Little Stoke Guides

1st Aston ad Little Stoke Guides and 1st Tittensor Guides had a fantastic time last night climbing at Clip 'n Climb. This completes the 'air' part of their Unity Challenge Badge. They even had two adult leaders and one young leader enrolled #inmyelement

Yarnfield Guides

yarnfield guides on there trip to clip and climb. The girls loved it and the team work between girls helping each other was fab! Leaders said it was great and totally recommend it! Also that staff were amazing.

Tittensor Brownies

Tittensor brownies had a great time at The cinema in the back garden! They watched Moana and ate popcorn!

Oulton Guides

Here Oulton guides doing the Harry Potter badge! Some great creations made there.

1st Aston and Little Stoke Guides

1st Aston & Little Stoke Guides enjoyed bell-boating on Trentham Lake tonight with Trentham Canoe Club. Everyone had great fun and got very wet jumping in too! The Guides are working towards their Unity Challenge Badge and this completes the water element #inmyelement

Yarnfield Rainbows

Yarnfield Rainbows had a lovely evening visiting Hilderstone Hall Care Home tonight. Very enjoyable for the residents who were entertained by the girls, Guiders and the mums who joined us for the evening!

Tittensor Guides

Tittensor guides learning how to balloon model as part of the unity badge looks like some good creations were made!

Oulton Rainbows and Brownies

Oulton Brownies and Rainbows came 3rd at Stone Carnival. They look brilliant in their Lego Mini-figures outfits that they made themselves.

Tittensor Brownies

Tittensor Brownies has a great night with there dad! They invited dads and brownies to learn how to use a hammer and screwdriver by hammering nails into potato’s and apples in the design of their initials, great fun.Comment from one Dad- great to dedicate time but could we use power tools next time?

Yarnfield Guides

Here are yarnfield guides on Wednesday night painting with toothbrushes - part of the unity badge again! Plus Barb re-planting the flowers in the planter

Tittensor Rainbows

Here are Tittensor Rainbows they had lots of fun making footprint trails on Wednesday night!

Tittensor Guides

Tittensor guides have been learning how to cook on trangias ready to make their own meals on camp in the future. They had to make a main meal on the trangia and a dessert to be cooked on the barbecue.

Oulton Guides

Here are Oulton guides who went tracking up the down banks! Was a lovely evening and everyone enjoined themselves

Yarnfield Guides

This is Yarnfield guides who went ponding dipping a couple weeks ago at Swynnerton. Amazing think they found some interesting things.

Tittensor Brownies

Tittensor Brownies having a fashion show. They said “Stella Mcartney could learn a thing or two from our brownies trash fashion. Thank you to our lovely model,Penguin,for her walk along the cat walk”

Tittensor Brownies

Tittensor brownies have decorated some cakes especially for Harry and Meghan! But apparently eaten very quickly, I can see why they do look tasting!

1st Aston and Little Stoke Brownies

Here’s what 1st Aston and Little Stoke brownies have been up to for the royal celebrations you all look liked you had fabulous time.

Oulton Guides

Here is what Oulton guides have been up to, creating a main and pudding for £6! All the food looks tasty!

Tittensor Brownies

Tittensor Brownies Having fun learning about guides and making smile with them.

Tittensor Brownies At Stone FireStation

Tittensor Brownies Visiting Stone Fire Station.

Oulton Guides

Oulton guides made 85 reindeer soap to give to the people at a care home.

Tittensor Guides

Tittensor Guides had a competition with the best ginger bread house. All look amazing!

Oulton Guides

Oulton guides taking part in a blind fold obstacle course to gain the 5 senses badges. They also did activites with sign langauge, bralie and lip reading.

Tittensor Brownies October 2017

Tittensor Brownies Learning about first aid and earning their badge.

Stone Food and Drink Festival 2017

Stone Outward Division helping pack the goodie bags and give them out at the Stone Food and Drink Festival.

Division Guide Camp September 2017

Guides Learning how to pioneer, at the end they made a mini adventure playground with a swing and climbing frame

The girls learning how to communicate with semaphore

Crate Stacking Activity

Girls creating the flag craft

On the Saturday they had a campfire and presentation to thank our division commissioner and assistant for all there hard work, they wished our new commissioner the best of luck. The girls then enjoyed some smores toasted on the campfire.

We'd like to thank all the leaders that helped and supported this weekend because without them camps and units wouldn't be able to run.

Yarnfield Rainbows

Yarnfield Rainbows enjoying a visit to St. Mary's Church, Swynnerton and celebrating 100 years of Guiding in Staffordshire - our challenge to get 100 teddies to the unit meeting - there was a 110!

Sparkle July 2017

The girls from the division enjoying some of the activities

Girls in the silent disco and having a go on the grafiti windows.

All girls had a great day and was enjoyed by all.

Aston Guides May 2017

Aston Guides Enjoying a climbing activity, whilst at kibblestone.

Tittesnor Guides May 2017

Tittesnor Guides Enjoying Learning to plaster, all having a go and learning about the different stages.

Yarnfield Brownies September 2015

Yarnfield Brownies saying goodbye to Robin and wishing her good luck in her new job.

Mother and Daughter Event July 2015

Stone Outward Division Brownies had a fun day at Tittensor. They made face masks, had a race to put up a tent, a pampering station for perfect nails and much more.

Barlaston Guides March 2015

On Saturday 21st March the Barlaston Guides took a group to Cadburys World as part of their Chocolate Badge. We went on the train from Stone station and the journey went very smoothly. The history of chocolate was interestingly presented, the information about how Cadburys has develped, is fun and hands on, the chocolate tasting is delicious. The weather was good to them and packed lunches were eaten outside where they had a lovely time on the adventure playground. Everyone agreed that their favourite bit was the new 4D area which was amazing and features a very realistic rollercoaster ride (screaming was heard from the back row!) Barlaston Guides are in communication with some Guides from New Jersey, USA, who are asking for the syllabus for the Chocolate badge to be sent to them so that they can do it too!

Barlaston Brownies March 2015

Ciara aged 9 brought in this lovely picture for the Brownie leaders.

Barlaston Guides October 2014

On Friday the 10th October, Barlaston Guides went to Sherratts wood for an overnight camp on the theme of 'elephants'. It had rained heavily for the previous 2 days and our fingers were firmly crossed! We finished putting the tents mup in the dark, ate spaghetti bolognaise, made chocolate orange cakes and cooked them in the camp fire, all in the muddy site. In the morning we woke to a thick mist across the field but were very lucky with a dry sunny day. The Guides cooked their own breakfast bacon and eggs on trangiers before decorating elephants and playing elephant themed games. After lunch and taking the tents down, a trail was set with their creations around the site and they followed the marked map to find them. The Guides have now earned their On the Move part of the Midlands Art Explosion Badge.

Aston & Little Stoke Guides September 2014

Aston & Little Stoke Guides have been very busy this year. The guides had a fabulous time at Unity at Shughborough over the summer, shelter building at the Wildlife Trust at Wolseley Bridges.

The presentation of Elaine Hargreaves award to Catherine Abrahams Thinking Day with Aston Brownies.

Yarnfield Rainbows June 2014

Yarnfield Rainbows recently had a fund raising event to raise funds for "Molly Olly's Wishes", a charity very close to the heart of one of their school friends, Phoebe Moon, who is at present suffering with leukaemia. Each Rainbow was given a tube of Smarties and if they promised to refill the tube with money they could eat the Smarties!! We were delighted to present Phoebe with a cheque for �100 for "Molly Olly's Wishes" during a special play session she joined us for on Yarnfield Play Park.

We also gave her a cuddly toy puppy dog which she said she would name either Molly or Olly - once she had decided if it was a boy or girl puppy!! Details of Molly Olly's Wishes can be found on the website.

Tittensor Brownies June 2014

Tittensor Brownies have been busy completing their Big Brownie Birthday challenge badge. The Brownies built a tower from recycled material in their sixes with the aim to build the tallest tower, good job! They also used cardboard boxes and twigs etc from the garden to make bug boxes. Let's hope they have some visitors, and they really enjoyed an evening of yoga.

Yarnfield Brownies take over Treasure Island 25th-27th April 2014

We arrived at Treasure Island (Copeland Cottage, Maer) in the pouring rain. With the help of some enthusiastic characterisation, particularly from Mr Smee and Long John Silver, the holiday quickly

got going. The cabin boys were very giggly, but fortunately for the older pirates they were quiet between 11pm and 6am so the crew, Blackbeard, Redbeard, Mr Smee, Long John Silver and Captain Hook could get a bit of sleep. We had a room inspection after breakfast on Saturday, and this caused some messy cabin boys to panic, as Long John Silver and Captain Hook had very high standards!

Saturday was a lovely day, and we decided to make the most of it by getting outside and exploring Copeland Cottage extensive grounds!

We started off on the adventure playground, then half the group went on a geocaching treasure hunt while the other (naughty) cabin boys went to walk the plank on the blindfold trail. Some good cabin boys ended the morning by feeding the birds. After lunch we went to do the unanimously voted 'best part of the weekend'- grass sledging! We had lots of fun going down the bank, until the rain came our way so we retreated indoors.

While we were inside, we calmed down from such an exciting morning and in the afternoon made some of our own treasure chests and mosaic headbands.

We had some quiet time too, and got to spend our money in the shop on lots of interesting treasures and badges. Before every meal, we had to do a different duty: cooks, waitresses, cleaners and housekeepers, to make sure our home remained 'ship-shape'. After we had eaten and done the washing up, we got into our pyjamas and chose to watch Pirates! An Adventure with Scientists before sleepily heading up to bed, where we actually slept all night!

On Sunday morning Captain Hook granted the cabin boys a lie in, but that was where the lazy morning ended because as we sat down for breakfast waiting for eggy bread, Blackbeard and Redbeard set the fire alarm off (oops), so we had to do a real fire drill!

We spent the morning doing some willow weaving and we all made a fish to take home and some petals to make giant flowers for the adventure play area. After lunch, we packed up all our belongings, ready to head home after our adventure on Treasure Island. We awarded the winning tribe with some real treasure and said thank you to all the adults for taking us to Treasure Island. I think we all slept well on Sunday night!

Barlaston Guides 21st March 2014

On Friday 21st March Barlaston Guides had a sleepover in Barlaston Church. 12 girls and 4 leaders joined in with the bell ringing practice night with two girls wanting to make it a regular activity. We made skittles out of squash bottles and played with them in the aisle. We then did a quiz around the church before settling into sleeping bags to watch a Monsters University in the Lady Chapel with popcorn and Hot chocolate.

The girls then pushed all the air beds together to make one big one and spent some hours bouncing each other around while the four older girls decided to sleep by the alter. They finally all went to sleep at 2am but there are no curtains in a church and they were awake again at 6.30am! After a cooked breakfast (though the kitchen lacked a tin opener), we all went for an hour and half walk on the Downs Banks. After pushing the pews back into place, parents collected the quiet girls at 12.00.

Barlaston Guides 12th March 2014

Barlaston Guides went to Heyfields on March12th. We performed The Gruffalo and sang campfire songs and some old wartime songs to the residents in the new unit at the nursing home in Tittensor Road. Maria narrated and the girls acted the characters, with other guides being the trees in the forest! The residents really seemed to enjoy it, singing along and trying to do the actions to 'There was a crocodile.....' The choir of nurses were singing almost louder than us! While we sang the residents had sherry and we were given home made cakes and orange drinks afterwards as we chatted to our spectators.

Yarnfield 12th February 2014

Having just celebrated World Thinking Day, this is an account of how Yarnfield Rainbows, Brownies and Guides all got involved. All three groups met together on their usual Wednesday evening. We started the night with a good old campfire and Rainbows sang a round of �London�s burning; London's burning, followed by �Crazy Elephant� with actions and with the lights dim and the campfire glowing. Well done girls! Brown Owl then read out a story about World Thinking Day with actions for everyone to copy about Lord and Lady Baden-Powell (when ever their names were mentioned we would have to bow for Lord Baden Powell and curtsy for Lady Baden-Powell and many more actions besides. The story was about how Guides and Brownies were formed.

It�s not only to remember our Scouting and Guiding friends from all over the world, but also our founders, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, without whom we would not have our modern day Scouting and Guiding Movements. So you can see why the 22nd of February is a very special day indeed! With all this fun and frivolity we also took a moment to think about our promise, and what it means? Also as our promise has recently changed we thought we would all renew our �new� promise together! Rainbows went first, then Brownies, then Guides and Guiders together; I thought it was a very special moment! With it being a special day of thought and getting together, we took a moment to think about a very special lady, Carol Seaton �Rabbit�, who sadly passed away last year. She brought many years of fun and sports to our Rainbows unit. We invited her husband and daughter to join us for a dedication to Carol, where we paused to think about her. An ornamental Rabbit was placed in the Rainbow Garden box. In that way we will always remember Carol when we look at our Rabbit! Everyone was treated to a chocolate before they left!! Tracey Partridge (Bluebird)

Oulton Guides December 2013

Oulton Guides entered Stone's Advent window display, local businesses, charities and organisations open one window each day right up to Christmas Eve, with each window themed around a different Christmas song or carol. The girls selected the Little Drummer Boy from the list given and then proceeded to design the window to interpret the song. The girls worked in the patrols then selected ideas from everybody and collated all the ideas into one giving the end result, it was a fiddly job making the drums but the end result was very impressive. On Sunday 15th December the advent window was revealed and all the girls were very proud to see the design in the window of the "Swan" giving it a festive feeling.

Yarnfield Brownies Holiday October 2013


1st Yarnfield Brownies visited London on 11th to 13th October. We travelled Friday afternoon on a very busy train from Stafford to London and the girls had a packed lunch.


We arrived at Euston Station at the end of rush hour and it was starting to get dark. The girls experienced the London Underground as we travelled to Baden Powell House in South Kensington. The girls were tired but were so excited they took a while to settle down.

Saturday we had a grand tour of London sights. We travelled on the London Underground again to Victoria to collect our Bus sightseeing tour day tickets.


We walked around the corner to Buckingham Palace and visited the temporary Guide shop nearby. We were lucky to see the guards pass by on their horses and then we walked through St James Park to see the pelicans and have a picnic by the lake.


After lunch we walked to horse guard parade and saw Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. Here we boarded the boat at Westminster Pier and had a tour of the Thames to the Tower of London. We looked at Tower Bridge and then boarded a sightseeing bus to continue our tour of London seeing Trafalgar Square.


After a busy Saturday on Sunday we walked across the road to be one of the first to visit the Natural History Museum and visit the exciting the dinosaur exhibit. The girls were slightly scared at seeing the robot T-Rex dinasaur. We had lunch in the basement of the Natural History Museum and afterwards we walked to another of South Kensigton's museums, the Science Museum before travelling again on the London Underground on our way back home.

This time we arrived early to be able to all sit together on the train back to Stafford. After a very busy two days of sightseeing, all the girls had a fabulous time and really enjoyed seeing all the sights of London.

Barlaston Guides 1st June 2013

The Barlaston Guides managed to get tickets to attend the Big Gig at the LG Arena in Birmingham on June 1st. We went on the train from Stone station to Birmingham International which added to the excitement! On the train we donned red, sparkly cowboy hats which showed up in the crowds (very useful trying to change trains at Birmingham New Street!) and the girls put face paints on themselves and the 3 leaders, making the leaders into 'Go Compare' lookalikes! - which drew strange looks from people on the train! We had time for packed lunches before finding our seats in the stadium.

We had good places facing the stage from the back but nobody in front of us blocking the view. The show was very good, the groups and singers were good at involving the girls. We saw Lawson, people from Britains got Talent, The XFactor And Scouting For Girls. It was an amazing experience to be part of such a big crowd. When the girls were urged to jump up and down to the music and scream, the noise was unbelievable.

It went by all too fast and we joined the stream of people leaving the stadium, going out by the nearest exit. Then we couldn't find the way to the train station and had to ask some one for directions. We did as we were directed and found ourselves around the side of the building. Walking along, we almost went straight past a small group in the road before one of the girls realised that they were Scouting for Girls signing autographs! All of the girls get their concert tickets signed by the three memebers and photos were taken of us all with them (still with red cowboy hats on!). The Guides couldn't believe their luck! It was the topic of conversation all the way home on train. The journey went as planned, getting in on itme and all excited girls were handed back to their parents, asking if they can go to the next one.

Yarnfield Brownies Spring 2013

Yarnfield Brownies have been very busy this term they have just completed two Brownies badges Healthy Heart and Fire Safety and also visited Trentham Gardens for the Sausage Sizzle evening.  For the Healthy Heart badge the Brownies had to find out about healthy eating, exersize and smoking.  For the Fire Safety badge they also visited Stone Fire Station and were shown around the fire engines and learnt about a fire exit plan.  At Sausage Sizzle they enjoyed an evening of songs, sausages and a camp fire.

Tittensor Brownies February 2013

Tittensor Brownies have just completed their Brownies Traditions badge.  They had to find out about brownies in the past, learning the National Anthem and tying knots.

Trentham Gardens Jubilee Tree Planting Saturday 17th November 2012

Yarnfield Brownies joined with around 300 Guides, Brownies and Rainbows from Staffordshire to help plant the first batch of 200 Sessile oak trees for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.   

We walked through the Trentham Estate, climbed to the top of the hill with their spades and then learned about the Diamond Wood and how to plant an oak tree.


The Brownies then got to work and began to dig a hole, plant the tree and secure the tree with a stake and protect it from animals.  The girls left a message in the hole and signed the stakes.  More than 10,000 native Sessile oak trees planted in concentric circles will make up the wood that the public can access for free. 


The girls had a very enjoyable morning and helped to create a long lasting legacy for the public to enjoy for many years and they can return in the future to watch their trees grow.

County Pack Holiday September 2012

1st Yarnfield took part in the County Pack Holiday on 7th to 9th Sept at Borreatton Park, PGL Centre, Shrewsbury.  We took 16 Brownies, 2 Young Leader’s and 4 Guiders.  The weekend was planned with a Jungle Fever theme, as this was to be a very outdoorsy, adventure holiday.

Before we left everyone had made a gorilla mask and a sock monkey to take with them. 


From arrival at the Centre, where we were met by an assortment of wild animals, the adventure began in earnest. 


After checking in to our lovely timber lodges, we made our way to the campfire to meet the other Brownies, their leaders, PGL staff, the hippo, snake, lion, zebra, parrot, elephant, gorilla, etc. etc.  Then it was off to bed with a cup of hot chocolate and dream of wild adventures in the jungle………


Next morning we were up very early (Brown Owl said, “far too early”).  After breakfast we met Nicky, our Gorilla ‘buddy’ who would keep us on track all weekend (thank goodness). 


Nicky took us to get kitted out with helmets and life vests for our first activity - ‘raft building’.  This is where we met Jay, who was mad, funny, outrageous, wild and completely bonkers.  He kept us laughing all morning with his silly songs and crazy antics.  At the lake, where we were shown how to lash plastic drums together to make a raft. 

We made our rafts, but then, we had to climb aboard, launch them and sail round the lake, collecting leaves, twigs, and berries.  It wasn’t long before Brownies were falling overboard, and our YL’s decided they were in the water more than on their raft, so they swam in the lake instead!  The girls thoroughly enjoyed the session, and only the Guiders stayed dry, thanks to Brown Owl, who demanded that no one aboard her raft should move one inch!


After showers and lunch, we went abseiling.  A couple of the girls were a little wary of this as the abseiling tower did seem very lofty, but most took on the challenge.  Some of the girls overcame their fears and afterwards, were thrilled they had been brave enough to enjoy the adventure.  This left us all with a great sense of achievement.


After our exhilarating exploits it was nice to take part in the next activity, which was relatively sedate – archery.  The girls soon picked up the finer points, and all managed to hit the target before we left for some very welcome ‘free time’.

We changed into our gorilla masks and costumes for dinner, which was followed by the safari disco.  Bedtime, of course, was late that night.


After an early rise and breakfast, Sunday saw us on the Challenge Course, climbing, crawling and balancing, and getting very muddy. 


Then off to the 200 meter zip wire, where we were harnessed and helmeted again.  We ‘zipped’ at high speed, through a forest and over a lake, suspended from an overhead cable.  Not something which is forgotten easily! A truly exhilarating activity.

The Giant Swing came next.  By now we were getting used to wearing safety harnesses and helmets, Two girls climbed aboard whilst the rest of the group had to winch up the giant two seater swing suspended between a huge timber structure.  Once the swing was high enough, one of the girls in the swing releases the catch.  Whoooosh then a huge rush as you swing through the air back and forth – screaming was obligatory, with Ladybird and Bluebell screaming louder than everyone!


Then off to our fencing class, where we were taught the basic principles of this Olympic sport, before we attempted some duelling techniques with our opponents. 


Finally it was back to our accommodation for some quick packing and a tidy up, before everyone met back at the big house for an exciting display by African drummers. 


On the bus back home, we opened our gifts.  All the girls had been given a soft toy jungle animal, a specially designed County Pack Holiday Badge and a jungle-themed stationery set, together with a packed tea to eat on the journey.  Everyone was very tired, until we saw the parents waiting for us at Westbridge Park.  The girls couldn’t wait to tell their families all about the thrilling time we had had in the jungle.

The weekend was great fun, and all the girls were enthusiastic about everything we undertook.  The PGL staff made the weekend so much more enjoyable with their high spirits and great sense of humour.  They kept the girls’ morale up with their songs and jokes as we moved from each activity, (sometimes having to walk fair distances from one area to another). 


We returned home, worn out, very bruised and a little sore, some with injuries to tell their parents about.  We had taken part in many activities, and learned some new skills, which we had never attempted before.  We had been brave enough to face some challenges, which had given us a sense of achievement and pride.  We had had a great adventure. Thank you.

Robin Hood Day at Trentham Gardens


Barlaston Brownies

Last week one of our most memorable Brownies left to go onto guides.  As part of our Brownie's "Flying Up" ceremony we ask them to write a few words about what they have enjoyed during their time with us and as Abigail's speech was so lovely I wanted to share it with a wider audience.


The thing I like best about brownies is all the friends that you make.  Being in brownies has boosted my self-confidence, team skills and has changed my personality forever.


My favourite trip

My favourite trip was by far the adventure assault course, the memory of seeing Harriet's coat turn from white to brown as she rolled in mud will stay with me forever.  I also loved the climbing wall even though I got stuck twice.


The badge I enjoyed doing most

The badge I enjoyed doing most is either the Designer badge or the Adventure 100 badge.  As I got the Designer badge before I was even enrolled.


I will really miss all of the brownies and the Guiders when I go up to guides and I will treasure everything I can remember in the 3 ½ years I have spent at brownies.


Goodbye to everyone.  And thank you.



Yarnfield Rainbows Churnet Valley Railway Saturday 16th June 2012

Rainbows celebrated their 25th birthday with a County trip to Churnet Valley Railway, with the theme 'The Madhatter`s Tea Party', they met Alice, the White Rabbit, the Doormouse and the Queen of Hearts. They took a steam train to Consall Station where they saw a special show, played games, joined in the fun in the craft tent, ate cakes and had lots of fun despite the rain.  They really enjoyed the tunnel when the train was plunged into darkness and they lit up the carriage with their wands.

Yarnfield Brownies

The girls designed and drew a nursery rhyme book for the SMILE Three Project in Mombasa, each girl drew a picture of their chosen nursery rhyme and the book has been collated by Sarah Beardmore, each nursery rhyme is in both English and Swahili and will be presented to the children in Mombasa.

Robin Hood Day Saturday 2nd July 2011

Yarnfield Brownies joined more than 2,500 Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides from across Staffordshire to Trentham Gardens as the estate was transformed for a Robin Hood themed adventure day.


The girls enjoyed an afternoon of archery, medieval dancing, and falconry with a dramatic Robin Hood performance live in the estate's lakeside amphitheatre.   They also enjoyed a trip in the tethered hot-air balloon.


It also gave the girls an opportunity to revisit our award winning show garden that was relocated to Trentham after we won a Gold and Best in Show at last year’s BBC Gardeners’ World Show.”